Psalm 91

“Divine Dwelling, Living in the Secret Place”

a Devotional Exposition of Psalm 91

by Patricia Hulsey

DivineDwellinsPslams91Psalm 91 of the Holy Bible describes a spiritual hiding place located under the shadow of Almighty God where you can be safe and secure no matter what circumstances you are experiencing in your life, your home, your ministry, on the job, or in your nation.  It is a spiritual place that all believers can access, a secure habitation where you can abide continually. This Psalm is a message to those who have or who will face challenges, problems, and difficult circumstances.  In other words, it is a Psalm for everyone, but there are specific qualifications in order to claim its promises. “Divine Dwelling” is a devotional exposition of Psalm 91 that will enable you to dwell continually in the secret place under the shadow of Almighty God.

Language Translation

Luganda, Tamil, and Sinhalese are not available on the translation tool, so their pages have been pre-translated.

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