Prisoner of the Lord

by Patricia Hulsey

PrisoneroftheLordYou are incarcerated.  That is your reality for a time, a reality that you cannot change.   But you can experience a new life with true purpose and meaning.   You can’t change where you are or what has happened to you, but YOU can change.   This book will show you how.


The title of this book, “Prisoner Of The Lord”, is taken from the words of the Apostle Paul in the Holy Bible.   Paul was wrongfully incarcerated for his faith several times during the course of his lifetime.    Paul did not view himself as a prisoner of the government, however.   Repeatedly he referred to himself as “the prisoner of Jesus Christ”; “an ambassador in chains”; and “the prisoner of the Lord”.


Whether you are innocent or guilty of the offense that resulted in your incarceration, you have a choice.  Do you want to be just another inmate doing time, or do you want to be a prisoner of the Lord, experiencing a supernatural change and fulfilling divine purpose in your life?

Language Translation

Luganda, Tamil, and Sinhalese are not available on the translation tool, so their pages have been pre-translated.

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