Ensoma y’Oluganda

Emisomo Emikulu:

Orientation Guide – kijja luvannyuma

Enkola y’okukungula mu by’omwoyo
Emisingi gy’Okukkiriza
Obulamu bw’Obwakabaka
Spiritual Strategies (Warfare) – kijja luvannyuma
Ministry of The Holy Spirit – kijja luvannyuma
Okumanya Eddoboozi lya Katonda
Creative Bible Study Methods – kijja luvannyuma
Okunoonyereza kwa Baibuli Okusookerwako part 1
Basic Bible Survey: New Testament – kijja luvannyuma
Okukulaakulanya Endowooza y’Ensi eya Baibuli
Teaching Tactics – kijja luvannyuma
Methodology of Multiplication – kijja luvannyuma
Power Principles – kijja luvannyuma
Biblical Management Principles – kijja luvannyuma
Principles of Environmental Analysis – kijja luvannyuma
Enzirukanya Nga Etunuulidde Ebigendererwa
Mobilization Methodologies – kijja luvannyuma
Leaven-Like Evangelism – kijja luvannyuma
Women – A Biblical Profile – kijja luvannyuma
Battle For The Body – kijja luvannyuma
Jail and Prison Ministry -kijja luvannyuma
Okusaba okw’Okwegayirira

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