Harvestime International Prison Outreach

The Harvestime International Prison Outreach consists of two divisions:  Prison Ministries and The Prison Institute.


Prison Ministries

Provides resources for chaplains and volunteers ministering in prisons.  Click on the following links to access the materials.


You Came Unto Me:

Click here for a free jail and prison manual you can personalize and use to train volunteers for your prison ministry.

Prison Prayer Manual:

Click here for a free manual to establish prayer support for your institution.  Personalize it with your own prayer needs.

Biblical Counseling Database:

Click here for access to a free database to use in counseling inmates.

“Prisoner of the Lord”  Book

This is a book you can distribute to those who are incarcerated–whether they are serving short or lengthy sentences, life without parole, or on death row.  It is for inmates, with portions written by and about inmates.  The book guides the reader to become a “Prisoner of the Lord” instead of simply doing time.

  • Click here to order the book from the Harvestime Bookstore.
  • Click here to download the book as a free E-book
  • Click here to download the “Prisoner of the Lord” study guide

Prisoner of the Lord Study Guide

The Prison Institute

Provides free curriculum to disciple inmates and mentor them for ministry, plus resources for establishing a Bible school in the institution.   Click on the following links to access the materials.


Harvestime International Prison Institute:

How To Start A Harvestime Prison Institute:

Click here to access the courses in English.  All materials are free downloads.  Some of these courses are available in other languages and may be accessed from the Harvestime home page by clicking here.


For a video overview of Harvestime Courses:  Click here.

Harvestime Prison Institute Brochure:

Click here for a brochure to personalize for your institution. Side oneSide two

Harvestime Prison Institute Poster:

Click here for a poster to personalize for your institution.

Application Form:

Click here for an application for enrollment.

Student Record Form:

Click here for a student record form.

Attendance Record:

Click here for an attendance record form.

Final Exams For Courses:

Click here to send an email requesting the final exams and answers for the courses.


For a sample course completion certificate ready to personalize, click here.


Harvestime 1110 N. Coventry Avenue, Clovis, CA 93611 USA

Our Other Ministries –

the Biblical Counseling Database! Solutions from scripture.

International Christian Dementia Network – for caregivers and patients


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