Methods for Reproducing Harvestime Material

The Harvestime vision is to make the training available to as many people around the world as possible.  We  encourage you to share this material with others. You are permitted to reproduce materials for your own use and your students, but not for commercial distribution for profit.

Download to your computer:

Click on any of the courses on our Harvestime website and save them to your computer.

Reproduce materials on a CD ROM:

If you have a CD ROM drive, copy the materials to CD ROMS for distribution. CD ROMS can be purchased online or from an office or business supply store.

Print the material:

Print the courses using your computer printer or a copy machine. If you are conducting a class, charge students for the printing costs incurred.

Reproduce materials to a flash drive:

Insert a flash drive into the USB port on your computer and copy all materials to it. Flash drivers can be purchased online or from an office or business supply store. If you have only one flash drive, put the courses on it and then let others use it to copy the materials to their computers. If you have a class, pass the flash drive around to each student so they can copy it. This eliminates the cost of puchasing flash drives.

Reproduce materials to an SD card:

An SD card will fit in Android phones so that, even if you do not have Internet access to obtain our Harvestime APPS, you can have all of the courses right on your phone. If your computer does not have an SD port, then you may need to purchase an inexpensive adapter that will hold an SD card. SD cards can be purchased online or from an office or business supply store. Once you have the materials on the SC card, remove the back of your phone and insert it. This does not replace the SIM card with your contacts and other information. See your phone for instructions.

Download to mobile devices:

Some mobile devices can display the courses in the format in which they appear online. Just download them directly from our website to your device. For some devides, you may need to download the courses from the Internet to your computer first, and then from the computer to your device. If the current PDf format does not work well on your device, there are several free software programs online to convert materials into EPUB, a format recognized by most mobile devices. Just input an internet search for a free “PDF to EPUB converer”, download the program, and follow the instructions. If you experience difficulties in formatting materials for your mobile device, be sure to consult the instructions that accompany your device on how to download materials from the Internet.

Share using a mobile hot spot:

For those conducting Harvestime seminars, consider using a mobile hot spot. Load all of the Harvestime materials on a mobile hard drive. Set the mobile hot spot up in the room where you are giving the seminar(you must have internet access). Provide the students with the access information of the Harvestime web page. While you are conducting the seminar, the students can download the course you are teaching and/or the entire Harvestime curriculum from the mobile hot spot.

Language Translation

Luganda, Tamil, and Sinhalese are not available on the translation tool, so their pages have been pre-translated.

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