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Harvestime provides training materials that will enable you to start your own Bible school.

You may call your Bible school by the name Harvestime or you may use your own church or ministry name.  We exercise no control over your school.   We only provide the organizational materials and curriculum to enable you to fulfill your vision.
Length of term:
How long it takes to complete the entire core course depends on how often your classes are conducted.   You establish your own time schedule for classes
You must accredit your own school in your own state (US) or nation.   The requirements vary from state to state in the U.S. and from nation to nation.   Consult the department or education or the ministry of education regarding their requirements.  You might also check with other Christian schools in your area to learn how they are accredited.
College credit:
If your students desire college credit for their courses, click here to contact schools offering credit for Harvestime courses.
Materials for your institute:
You can download all of the curriculum free of charge from this site.   If you live in the US, you can also order them in perfect bound format by visiting our bookstore.   To download the courses free:  Just click on each course you want and save it to your computer.  If you are using someone else’s computer or you are at an Internet Café, you will need to download the courses and save them on a flash drive and then copy them to your own computer later.  
Reproduction of curriculum:
You can reproduce the materials for your class or school only. You cannot reproduce the materials to sell them commercially. You cannot remove the Harvestime name and contact information from the materials, but you can add your own so people can contact you also. If you are in the U.S. or Canada, you might want to order perfect bound copies from the Harvestime web page, which may be cheaper than photocopying them. You can then sell them to your students for what we charged you plus 15% overage for your administration costs. You can also reproduce materials for your students by putting them on flash drives, CD ROMS, or SD cards. If you cannot afford these data supplies, then put the courses on one flash drive and pass it around so all the students can load the material on their computers or mobile devices. You would need only one flash drive for this purpose.

Click here for additional guidelines to reproducing the material, including information on reproducing it on mobile devices

The Immediate Institute:

The Immediate Institute download contains everything you need to get a Bible school up and running including the following:

Introduction: Biblical foundations for starting a school, an introduction to Harvestime, the strategy of reproduction, and basic strategic steps to take to start your school.

Foundational Documents: This file provides guidelines for formulating foundational documents, a doctrinal statement, and a statement of purpose for your school.

Budget and finances: This file provides a sample school budget and guidelines for financial integrity.

Organizational Chart: This file provides suggested administrative positions and responsibilities for the school. You may add or delete positions as deemed necessary for your own school.

Curriculum: Introduction to Harvestime curriculum, course listing, and course order form.

Faculty Handbook: A model handbook for faculty members, ready to personalize by adding or deleting information relevant to your own school.

Student Handbook: A model handbook for students, ready to personalize by adding or deleting information relevant to your own school.

Examinations: Examinations for Harvestime International Institute courses.

Exam Answer Sheet: Standard blank answer sheet for taking exams.

Examination Answer Keys: Answer keys for all courses.

Library Manual: This manual provides basic guidelines for establishing a college library.

Publicity: This file provides sample brochures, news releases, radio or television ads, bulletin inserts, posters, flyers, invitational letters, and ideas for promoting your school.

Forms: Standard forms ready for personalization, including those needed for a student data base.

Correspondence: Standard letters ready for personalizing for your own school.

Student Ministries Handbook: To prepare your students for student mission assignments.

Course syllabi: Simple outlines to get you started in developing your own syllabi.

System requirements: Windows operating system, and Microsoft Word or a word processing program that can convert Microsoft Word.

The Immediate Institute:

Click here to download the Immediate Institute in English.

Click here to download the Immediate Institute in Spanish.

Harvestime Videos:

Click here to view a video on Starting A Harvestime Institute


Click here to view a video providing an Overview Of Harvestime Curriculum

Language Translation

Luganda, Tamil, and Sinhalese are not available on the translation tool, so their pages have been pre-translated.

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