What should I do in order to start a Bible school?
A: Read the material under “Start An Institute” on this website and follow the instructions.
If I start a school using your materials, do I have to name the school Harvestime?
A: No, you do not. You can name the school whatever you desire. We simply provide the materials and instructions to enable you to start an institution.
Can I reproduce Harvestime materials?
See our Reproduction And Translation policy on this site. You may make copies of the lessons on a copy machine. You cannot produce perfect bound copies and sell them. Harvestime produces these to underwrite our missions program.
Can I translate Harvestime materials?
See our Reproduction And Translation policy on this site. You may translate courses as long as you send a completed copy of the course you translate via email or CD ROM so we can make it available to others.
Can I get college credit for Harvestime courses?
Does Harvestime give grades, diplomas, and maintain records?
-If you download the free materials at https://www.harvestime.org for your own enrichment, we do not monitor your studies. We do not award grades, diplomas, or maintain records.

-If you start a school using the materials, you maintain your own records and grades, and issue your own diplomas under our auspices. You can include your school name along with the Harvestime name, or you can use just your school name on the diploma.

-If you desire credit and a diploma for your studies, you can enroll for a nominal fee in our online Institute at: https://harvestimeinstitute.org/

Can I use your materials on my web site?
Yes, as long as you abide by the following guidelines: -You may put our courses on your own site as long as you include a link to the Harvestime site. -You cannot charge for Harvestime courses online unless you are ordering perfect bound copies from us and reselling them to your students.
Can I share these materials with others?
We have provided these materials to you without cost and we encourage you to reproduce them and share them with others. Click here to learn how.  
Can I use these materials on my mobile device?
Some mobile devices can display the courses in the format in which they appear online. Just download them directly from the internet to your device. For some devices, you may need to download the courses from the internet to your computer first, and then from the computer to your device.

If the current PDF format does not work well on your device, there are several free software programs online to convert materials into EPUB, a format recognized by most mobile devices. Just input an internet search for a free “PDF to EPUB converter“, download the program, and follow the instructions.

If you experience difficulties in formatting materials for your mobile device, be sure to consult the instructions that accompany your device on how to download materials from the Internet.

The Legacy Bible Outlines will likely not display properly on your mobile device. The reason for this is that this series is designed so that you can study and add your own notes to the outlines. Hence, it is in MS WORD format.

Also see our page, Methods of Reproducing Harvestime Materials. 

What denomination are you?
Our personal background is Assembly of God.

We work interdenominational, between denominations. See our doctrinal statement on this site for further information.

Why do you use the King James Version of the Bible?
Because our materials are widely distributed overseas and it is the most readily available version.
Do we issue our own diplomas or do you issue them?
The school you establish is your school. You can issue the diplomas in your name. You may also use the Harvestime name if desired, or both. Some have chosen to use their school name and then add “affiliated with Harvestime International Network, USA”.
Why don't you ship items overseas?
We do not ship overseas because of high postal costs.   Also, some restricted nations do not allow our materials to come through the postal system.  We send all materials free of charge as data transmissions.
Are the courses in the bookstore the same as those online?
Yes, the bookstore courses have the same material you see in the courses online.  We provide them in perfect bound format for those who prefer a book rather than data files.
Do you have free courses for children?
No, we do not, but here is a link to a ministry that provides these resources free of charge:


What is the difference between the core courses and the supplemental courses?
The core courses are foundational studies that should be included if you are starting a school and/or desire a basic Bible knowledge.
Do you provide ordination?

No. We are not a denomination and we do not ordain ministers.


Does your organization provide an administrative covering for churches?

No. Our mission is to provide curriculum and training only, not to oversee churches.


Language Translation

Luganda, Tamil, and Sinhalese are not available on the translation tool, so their pages have been pre-translated.

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